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set up a direct debit

Please note Andrew's Window Cleaning is a franchised window cleaning business. If your window cleaner is operating as a franchisee, this will be clearly stated on your "windows cleaned today" slip. To pay one of our franchisee's please click on their name below


Setting this up is really easy- simply enter the first line of your address and click on the button below.

The form takes only a couple of minutes and all window cleaning payments will then be collected automatically by direct debit.

This is not a fixed monthly direct debit, payment is collected approximately 5 days after your windows have been cleaned.

You will be informed by email each time a payment is requested. Please note you will also receive a "windows cleaned today" slip through your letterbox, showing the amount due.

Please do not use the box below if your window cleaner is a franchisee, you will need click on their name on this page which will take you to the correct place. 

We will not share your details with any third parties and all payments made this way are covered by the direct debit guarantee.